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Contents include: articles on intersectionality in Turkey, engaging gender organizations in New Zealand, intersectionality and engagement in the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

This is a special issue on Gender and Conservatism.
Contents include: articles on conservatism and women's political representation, conservative feminism, Hilary Clinton and the 2016 Presidential race, and more.


This issue is on New Ideas in Marxist (Critique of) Political Economy: Theoretical and Internationalist Perspectives.
Contents include: articles on neoliberalization of Europe, female antagonism in the No-TAV Case, and more.


This is a special issue on Decolonizing Knowledges in Feminist World Politics.
Contents include: articles on sexual violence in South Africa and Rwanda, Canada's gendered nuclear colonialism, Japan's plan for forgetting "comfort women," and more.

Contents include: articles on the differing conceptions of "Voluntary Motherhood" in Japan, how female politicians respond to media labels, queer families in The Ocean Chronicles, and responding to Gamergate in Japan.

Contents include: articles on gendered politics at work, going beyond the term "ally," creating optimal environments for student-athletes, and more.

IntlFemJournofPolitics_19.3_Sept 2017.pdf
Contents include: articles on normative misogyny and female resistors of Iran, women's sexed bodies in Pakistan, making gender quote mechanics work, and more.


IntlFemJournofPolitics_19.2_June 2017.pdf
Contents include: a tribute, articles on re-politicizing gender equality and development, objectification as negotiation, and a special section on co-optation.


IntlFemJournofPolitics_19.1_March 2017.pdf
This is a special issue on the difference that gender makes to international peace and security.
Contents include: articles on gender-based violence in Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, and more.


Contents include: articles on the Weinstein case and it's effects, women in the U.N., women with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and more.
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