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User Guide

Welcome to Feminist Periodicals! Please utilize the guide below.


  • Click the "Feminist Periodicals" banner at the top of the page to access the "Home" page.

  • To browse the available collections, click "Browse Collections" on the lefthand side of the page. 
  • To see specific details for a collection, click on the on its title (ex. "Feminist Periodicals, vol. 38, no. 1, Winter"). From here, you will see the metadata for this collection. 

  • To read more about a specific journal and to see its Table of Contents, click the journal title (ex. "Ms. Magazine, vol. 28, no. 1, Winter 2018"). Once here, you will see metadata related to this specific journal entry.

  • To see the Table of Contents, click the image under "Files." This will open up a PDF file or JPG of the Table of Contents.

  • To browse by tag, click "Browse Items" on the lefthand side of the page, then click the "Browse by Tag" tab.


  1. For a simple keyword search, type in the search box on the lefthand side of the homepage (above the blue arrow in the image below). Click enter or the magnifying glass icon (above the green arrow).[Image Description: Website links are listed from top to bottom as follows: About, Browse Items, Browse Collections, Annotations, and User Guide. Below this, the search box is pictured. Next to the search box is an elipses and a magnifying glass. There is a blue arrow pointing up at the search box, an orange one for the elipses, and a green one for the magnifying glass.] 

  2. For an advanced search, click the elipses (above the orange arrow). Here, you can search "Keyword," "Boolean," or "Exact match." You can then choose to search in "item," "file," and "collection."
    [Image Description: The search box with an elipses and magnifying glass on its left are pictured at the top. Beneath this are a list of search options, separated into two categories. The first is titled Search using this query type:, listing Keyword, Boolean, and Exact match below it. The second is titled Search only these record types:, listing Item, File, and Collection below it. Underneath this is a link labelled Advanced Search (Items only).]