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  • Collection: Feminist Periodicals, vol. 41, no. 4, Fall 2021

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Contents include: “I Think God Is a Feminist”: Art and Action by Orthodox
Jewish Women; Companion Sex Robots: Racialized Household Economics; “The Revolution Will Wear Burkas and Bangles”: Feminist Care and Politics at Shaheen Bagh; and more.

Contents include: articles on The Coronavirus as a Changemaker: Opportunities to Advance American Maternal Care in the Wake of the Pandemic, Reproductive Indeterminacy and Rights Discourse in Frozen Embryo Disputes, Marriage Apostates: Why…

Contents include: articles on The Care Manifesto

Contents include: articles on Purpose, Power, and Profit in Feminist Publishing.

Contents include: articles on impact of Covid-19

Contents include: articles on How Abortion Laws Do and Don't Work, Women in Policing, Gender-based Pay Discrimination, and more.

Contents include: an assortment of poetry, short stories, essays, and more by women.

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Contents include: articles on The Man Who Loved Children: Lewis Carroll Studies' Evidence Problem, "Be Nice to My Shadow": Queer Negotiation of Privacy and Visibility in Kentucky, Sexual Identity at the Limits of German Liberalism: Law and Science in…

Contents include: articles on Moving Beyond Carceral Pride and Building Queer Coalitions in Post-22/7 Norway, Selling Swedish Fathers: On Fatherhood, Gender Equality and Swedishness in Strategic Communication by the Swedish Institute, 1968-2015,…

Contents include: articles on Writing Our Way Home: Jewish Women's Post-Holocaust Diasporic Writing in Latin America, The Balkans and the Jewish World.
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