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  • Collection: Feminist Periodicals, vol. 41, no. 4, Fall 2021

Contents include: articles on Applying Gloria Anzaldua's Creative Works to Speculative Realism: Bridging Jane Bennett's Vital Materialism and Graham Harman's Object-Oriented Philosophy; Retro-Sex, Anti-Trans Legislation, and the Colonial/Modern…

Contents include: articles on Animals Are Comrades Too, No One Wants To Work Anymore, Bisexual World, Where Are You? and more.

Contents include: issue on Conversation and Commentary: Embracing Black Feminist Joy and Pleasure in Communication Studies

Contents include: articles on The Word "Women" in Pre-Modern Arabic Lexicons: From the Kitab al-Ayn to the Lisan al-'Arab; Islamic Law, Slavery, and Feelings: A Fourth/Tenth-Century Andalusi Notarial Model on the Manumission of an Unruly and…

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Contents include: articles on Deportation as Rescue: White Slaves, Women Reformers, and the US Bureau of Immigration, Intimate Itinerancy: Sex, Work, and Chinese Women in Colonial Malaya's Brothel Economy (1870s-1930s), "Everyone Dreams About…

Contents include: articles on Fit to Conceive? Representations of Preconception Health in the UK Press, Speaking Out Against Everyday Sexism: Gender and Epistemics in Accusations of "Mansplaining," Looking On The Bright Side: Positivity Discourse,…

Contents include: articles on Intersectionality in Digital Feminist Knowledge Cultures: The Practices and Politics of a Travelling Theory, In Defense of Not-Knowing: Uncertainty and Contemporary Narratives of Sexual Violence, On The Politics of…

Contents include: articles on Gender-Affirmation and Loving Attention, Masculine Power? A Gendered Look at the Frontispiece of Hobbe's Leviathan, Female Freedom and The Neapolitan Novels, and more.

Contents include: articles on Forced Labor in Supply Chains: Rolling Back the Debate on Gender, Migration, and Sexual Commerce; Documenting Conversion: Framings of Female Converts to Islam in British and Swiss Documentaries; Ethnic Minority Women in…

Contents include: articles on Critical Method and Mental Health: Lessons from Troye Sivan's Blue Neighborhood Trilogy, Revolution is Another Climax, Changing Campus Culture Through Intersectional Language Refore: An Action Research Project, and more.…
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