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  • Collection: Feminist Periodicals, vol. 42, no. 2, Spring 2022

Contents include: articles on Centering intersecting gender inequalities of COVID-19 on womxn

LIBER 1.1.pdf
Contents include: book reviews, fiction, humor, and more.

Women's Reproductive Health-cover.pdf
Contents include: articles on Barriers to Family Planning Among Women With Severe Mental Illness; Rural-Urban Differences in Unintended Pregnancies, Contraceptive Nonuse, and Terminated Pregnancies in Latin America and the Caribbean; “Mommy’s Having…

Women and Crim Justice cover.pdf
Contents include: articles on Ending the Game®: A New Psychoeducational Curriculum for Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation; Gender, Political and Economic Instability, and Trafficking into Forced Marriage; Intervention with Victims of Forced…

Contents include: articles on Labor Organizer Nannie Helen Burroughs and Her National Training School for Women and Girls; "She's Been Doing Everything Right": Mothers of Color and Economic Violence; Erased by Respectability: The Intersections of…

Women'sWriting 29.2.pdf
Contents include: Special Issue: Spiritualism and the Supernatural, 1870-1925

Contents include: articles on Retribution, Reward, and Reincarnation: Gender Nonnormativity as the Supernatural in Late Imperial China’s Gender System; From Neighbors to Outcasts: Evangelical Gay Activism in the Late 1970s; A Prostitutes’ Jamboree:…

Contents include: articles on Afghanistan's Revolutionary Feminist; Lesbian Love Behind Bars, and more.

Contents include: articles on speculative approaches to media histories.

Contents include: articles on African Women’s Experiences of COVID-19; Negotiating Spaces, Exercising Agency, and Managing Multiple Roles:
The Lived Experiences of University of Ghana Women Academics under
COVID-19; The Response of the Women’s Fund…
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