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Contents include: writings on online abuse, breastfeeding in uniform, Cardi B.'s feminism, and more.

Contents include: writings on Jewish feminist dystopia, interview with Ana Castillo, poetry, and book reviews.

Contents include: a farewell to marriage equality activist Edie Windsor, a profile of actor Ellen Page, travel destinations for lesbian women, and more.

Contents include: interview with Greta Gerwig, profile of Bolivia's Indigenous female wrestlers, interview with artist Dani Lessnau about photos she takes with her vagina, and more.

Content note: the interview with Dani Lessnau is titled "The…

Contents include: writings on queer disability, breast cancer precautions, women's pro basketball, and more.

Contents include: articles on conversations between decolonial and postcolonial feminisms, engaging and sometimes troubling the temporal and spatial distinctions drawn between decolonial and postcolonial approaches.


Contents include: articles on gender, law, and property rights in the Middle East, the exclusion of women from property in Jordan, book reviews, and more.

Contents include: articles on democratizing Tunisia, gender differences on Twitter among congressional candidates, breastfeeding promotion policy, book reviews, and more.

Contents include: an interview with Chelsea Rooney, collections of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, art, and reviews.

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Contents include: articles on divorce, gender-based violence, women's health, and more.
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