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FRON 41.1_ToC.pdf
Contents include: article on Mapping Afro-Boricua Feminist Becomings, Decolonial Feminism as Reflexive Praxis: Lugones’s “World”-Travelling as Stories of Friendship in Academia, On Digital Decolonization, and more.

Contents include: articles on mothers with disabilities, sex discrimination suits, reproductive rights, and more.

Contents include: articles on Lindsay Wong, decolonizing child welfare, Phyllis Chesler, and more.

0.0. Ahfad Front Page Vol. 35, No. (1) December 2018 English.pdf
Contents include articles on: gender analysis of environmental governance in formal institutions, vulnerability and discrimination of young displaced women living with disabilities, the four phases of sexuality in non-mutilated and infibulated…

Contents include: articles on teaching, anticapitalist pedagogies, demilitarization for social justice, and more.
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