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Contents include: articles on queer legacies, masculine gaze, poems, and more.

Contents include: an assortment of poetry, short stories, essays, and more by women.

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Contents include: articles on First-Wave feminist Frances Benjamin Johnston, transnational remittances from human trafficking in Nigeria, poetry, and book reviews.

Contents include: new poetry by Rabbit Richards and an interview with Cicely Belle Blain.

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Contents include: articles on The Feminist Gift Economy: A Maternalist Alternative to Patriarchy and Capitalism

Contents include: articles on Henriette Kraze’s Heim Neuland (1908) and the Idealized Nonviolent Colonial Community, Seduced by Poetry, Sickened by Mass Spectacle: Julia Franck’s Gendered Portrait of Weimar Berlin in Die Mittagsfrau (2007), “The…

Contents include: issue on hair; new non-fiction by Tea Mutonji, an interview with Cheryl Thompson, and more.

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Contents include: issue on devour; featuring new poetry by Marilyn Dumont, an interview with Samra Habib, and more.

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Contents include: issue on Neurodivergence; featuring an interview with Terese Marie Mailhot, new CNF by Lindsay Wong, and more.

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