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JFSR 37, 2.pdf
Contents include: “I Think God Is a Feminist”: Art and Action by Orthodox
Jewish Women; Companion Sex Robots: Racialized Household Economics; “The Revolution Will Wear Burkas and Bangles”: Feminist Care and Politics at Shaheen Bagh; and more.

Contents include: Rethinking Women’s Suffering and Holiness: Gloria Anzaldúa’s “Holy Relics”; A Culture of Flourishing: A Feminist Ethical Framework for Incorporating Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Catholic Institutions; On COVID-19, U.S.…

Contents include: articles on
Ukukupukula Pampoto: Cultural Construction of Silence Regarding Gender-Based Violence among Pentecostal Married Women in Zambia,
Gender and Sexual Desire Justice in African Christianity,
Queer(y)ing Naga…
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