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Contents include: articles on LGBTIQ Politics, Regulating Parenting, Politics and Activism, and more.

Contents include: articles on Artistic memory and Roma women’s history through an intersectional lens: The Giuvlipen Theater, ‘Fear of walking home alone’: Urban spaces of fear in youth nightlife, The gender wage gap in the public and private…

Contents include: articles on Abnormal uterine bleeding and associated factors among reproductive age women in Jimma town, Oromia Region, Southwest Ethiopia, Oncofertility care: A qualitative study to understand personal perspectives and barriers in…

Contents include: articles on Doing, being and verbalizing: Narratives of queer migrants from Muslim backgrounds in Spain, Queer (post-)migration experiences: Mexican men’s use of gay dating apps in the USA, Queer heterotopias in “straight(ish)”…

Contents include: articles on Apuntes para pensar el campo editorial en clave feminista. El caso argentino contemporáneo, Disciplina y violencia contra las mujeres en la prensa del siglo XIX. Divergencia comparativa entre México y España, Linn da…

Contents include: articles on Special Issue: De-democratisation and Opposition to Gender Equality Politics in Europe. Guest Editors: Emanuela Lombardo, Johanna Kantola and Ruth Rubio-Martin.

Contents include: articles on Seeking Justice and Redress for Victim-Survivors of Image-Based Sexual Abuse, Rupture and Continuity: Abortion, the Medical Profession, and the Transitional State—A Polish Case Study, Custody and Care of Children in…

Contents include: articles on domestic violence beyond representation, analyzing gender in "Wonder Woman," vulva-positive social media, and more.

Contents include: articles on intersectionality, gendered knowledge of the global south, self-representation of the Spanish Romani woman, and more.

Contents include: articles on feminism in women-centric dramedies, female showrunners in contemporary American TV animation, women and Netflix, and more.
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