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Contents include articles on: "The Singleness of The Poetry" by Yvonne Thomas, "Laocoon" by Eva Hesse, "The Dinner Party" curatorial context by Judy Chicago, and more.

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Contents include articles on: women's work, Femspec's archival home, creative work, and more celebrating Femspec's 20-year-anniversary.

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Contents include: articles on Victoria's Secret and the gaze of "post-feminism," using feminist advocacy as healing, and reviews.

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Contents include: articles on gender-based violence in the Middle East, abortion and reproduction in Ireland, policing women and girls at anti-fracking protests, and more.

Contents include: article on women artists, the women's movement and trans movement, narrative organization as cultural training, and more.

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Contents include: articles on fatphobia, feminist news, skincare, and more.

Contents include: an interview with Edi Odozor, new fiction by Liz Iversen, and more.

Contents include: an interview with Janie Chang, new fiction by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and more.

Contents include: articles on why feminism needs Black Lives Matter, interviews with Indigenous artist Rebecca Belmore and best-selling author Cherie Dimaline, and more.

Contents include: an assortment of poetry, short stories, essays, and more by women.
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