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Contents include: articles on A Test of General Strain Theory: Explaining Intimate Partner Violence and Alcohol Use Among Black Women, A Structural Equation Model of Depression Risk in Young Women With a History of Child Sexual Abuse, The Motherhood…

Contents include: articles on Black Women's Psychiatric Incarceration at Georgia Lunatic Asylum in the Nineteenth Century, Black Working-Class Women and the Nurse Training Program at the Taborian Hospital, 1940s-1960s, The National Black Women's…

Contents include: articles on Special Issue: Conjur Feminism: Tracing the Genealogy of Black Women's Intellectual Tradition

Contents include: articles on Disney Princess Culture: A Force for Good?, Female Board Opportunities Fall During COVID Era, Survey Says, Mobilizing Students to Address Wikipedia Gender Bias, and more.

Contents include: articles on On Being Black, Female, and a First-Gen Leader in the Academy; The Black Woman Chair in a Burning Building; Chairing as Self-Care: Strategies for Combatting the Cultural Identity Taxation Trap for Black Women Chairs, and…

Contents include: articles on The Enactment of a “Postfeminist Sensibility”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Teens’ Constructions of Dating Abuse Among Their Peers, Using Anticarceral Feminism to Illustrate the Impact of Criminalization on the Lives…

Contents include: articles on black male feminism and the evolution of Du Boisian Thought (1903-1920), working through trauma and the counter-archive in Edwidge Danticat's "The Farming of Bones," black girls' feistiness as everyday resistance in Toni…

Contents include: articles on IN HER OWN WORDS: Support Pronoun Disclosure When Students Are Ready, Women on the Move, Dawuni to Oversee Women’s Leadership Center at Howard University, MOVEABLE TYPE: Lean Semesters and Black Women’s Experiences in…

Contents include: articles on PROFILE: Centering Black Women in Intellectual History, IHOW: How to Stop Internalizing Microaggressions, Analyzing Hidden Privilege in the Academy, and more.
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