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Contents include: articles on A Test of General Strain Theory: Explaining Intimate Partner Violence and Alcohol Use Among Black Women, A Structural Equation Model of Depression Risk in Young Women With a History of Child Sexual Abuse, The Motherhood…

Contents include: articles on Re-examining Gertrude Stein's Relationship to the Literary Canon, A Critique of Popular Press Reporting of Three Crimes in Australia, The Erasure and Pseudo-Empowerment Narrative of the Goddess in "Wonder Woman" 2017,…

Contents include: articles on The Double-Victimization of Criminalized Women in Neoliberal Contexts: The Case of Paraguay, Gender Neutrality and the Prevention and Treatment of Violence--A Dutch Perspective, National Interests Versus Women's Rights:…

Contents include: articles on a comparative method to explain increasing female crime share in the United States, incarcerated mothers' perceptions of reunification and resuming a caregiver role, an exploratory model of intimate femicide among male…

Contents include: articles on how inner-city women experience and navigate police raids, criminal-legal system-impacted Black women's romantic relationship status and quality, decolonizing VAWA 2021: a step in the right direction for protection…

Contents include: articles on a gendered look at Latinx General Strain Theory, New York's war on drugs and the impact on female incarceration rates, police interpretations of victims of sexual violence, and more.

Contents include: articles on a longitudinal test of a feminist pathways model among Black youth, women in solitary confinement, detention experiences of commercial sexual exploitation survivors, and more.

Contents include: articles on women's narratives of post-release anticipatory desistance in the context of historical and contemporary disadvantage and trauma, gendered self-concept and policing career aspirations, policewomen's perceptions of gender…

Contents include: articles on a feminist examination of definitional changes and sociolegal ramifications, girl gangsters and violent street culture in Cape Town, how U-Visas exploit the pain of gender-based violence, and more.

Contents include: articles on psychotropic medications, depression among older incarcerated women, gender identity on female offending, and more.
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