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Contents include: articles on Decision-Making, Violence, Resistance, and Love: Contested and Complicating Narratives of Syrian Marriages; Understanding Intimate Partner Violence: Why Coercive Control Requires a Social and Systemic Entrapment…

Hawwa 20.4.pdf
Contents include: articles on How Women's Presence in Tehran's Public Spaces Compares to Shari'a Prescriptions, Old Tehran and Contemporary Tehran; The Role of the Shari'a Court in Divorce in Palestine; Princesses Born to Concubines: A First Visit to…

Women&Aging vol. 34 no. 1-3.pdf
Contents include: articles on The Impact of Laughter Yoga on Depression and Anxiety Among Retired Women: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial; Recreational Burlesque and and the Aging Female Body: Challenging Perceptions; Women and Divorce:…

Contents include: articles on the female aging body, gay divorce, body image, and more.
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