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Contents include: articles on queer migration studies and critical trafficking studies and new materialities and precarious mobilities.

Contents include: United States national news on elections, global news on women-led activism, articles on the Women's Marches, gun control, Peace is Loud's documentaries, Irma McClaurin's Black Feminist Archive, and more.

IntlFemJournofPolitics_19.3_Sept 2017.pdf
Contents include: articles on normative misogyny and female resistors of Iran, women's sexed bodies in Pakistan, making gender quote mechanics work, and more.

IntlFemJournofPolitics_19.2_June 2017.pdf
Contents include: a tribute, articles on re-politicizing gender equality and development, objectification as negotiation, and a special section on co-optation.

IntlFemJournofPolitics_19.1_March 2017.pdf
This is a special issue on the difference that gender makes to international peace and security.
Contents include: articles on gender-based violence in Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, and more.

Contents include: articles on the Weinstein case and it's effects, women in the U.N., women with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and more.

Contents include: articles on gender in Afghanistan's peacebuilding project, anti-nuclear activism in peace camps, book reviews, and more.
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