Journal of Gender Studies, Vol. 32, Issue 7

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Journal of Gender Studies, Vol. 32, Issue 7


Contents include:

Editorial - Feona Attwood

Research Articles

'What's in a name?' The discursive construction of gender identity over time - Sofia Aboim

Mapping transgender studies in Portugal: a systematic search and narrative review - Carla Moleiro, Violeta Alarcão & Lia Raquel Neves

Trans subjectivities in Iran: epistemic misrecognition - Bahar Azadi & Zara Saeidzadeh

The Mahatma and the eunuch: brahmacharya education in Gandhian nationalism - Chaitali Choudhury & Akshaya K. Rath

Recognition, citizenship and rights: the dilemma of India’s gender non-conforming communities in the light of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act - Ankita Chakrabarti & Bhaswati Das

Muslim women negotiating their identity in the era of the Muslim ban - Rachel R. Steele, Sakina Bengali, Gwynne Richardson, Mackensie Disbennett & Yasmeen Othman

‘There is power in the cry of a woman’: the approach of African women with disabilities to leadership - Julie King, Nicole Edwards & Hanna Watling

Victim-survivors as co-facilitators of repair and regeneration in Colombia - Yoana Fernanda Nieto-Valdivieso

Women’s houses in the Basque country: political, cultural and bodily laboratories of feminism - Mari-Luz Esteban

An investigation of gender bias in Mauritanian secondary schools English textbooks: towards more equal representation - Malainine Ebnou

Mapping gendered affects: an inquiry into student feelings on entry to an Australian selective STEM high school - Melissa Joy Wolfe

Duct-taped X: gender and the ‘ethically enabling conditions’ of creative-activism on pre-teen peer cultures - Suvi Pihkala & Tuija Huuki

Book Reviews

Everybody: a book about freedom
by Olivia Laing, London, Picador, 2021, 368 pp., £10.99 (paperback), ISBN: 978 1 5098 5712 8 -
Alex Belsey

New perspectives on gender and translation: new voices for transnational dialogues
by Eleonora Federici & José Santaemilia, eds, New York and London, Routledge, 2021, 204 pp., £ 130.00, $ 160 (hardcover), 9780367369989 -
Lisa Chu Shen

Negotiating patriarchy and gender in Africa: discourses, practices and policies
by Egodi Uchendu and Ngozi Edeagu, eds, London, Lexington Books, 2021, 352 pp., ISBN: 978 1 7936 4206 6, £ 35.00 (paperback) -
Rebekah Evans


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