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ColumbiaJournal 2022.pdf
Contents include: articles on “Least Favored Nation”: Pregnancy Discrimination Disparate Impact Claims Post-Young; Constitutionalizing Women’s Equality in India: Assessing the Sabarimala Decision; Right To Genital Integrity: Law, Limbo and The Status…

Contents include: articles on “He’s a Mr. Mom”: Cultural Ambivalence in Print News Depictions of Stay-at-Home Fathers, 1987–2016; Between Women of Color: The New Social Organization of Reproductive Labor; Revisiting the Gender Revolution: Time on…

Contents include: Special Issue: Feminist Human Computer Interaction: Working at the Intersection of Feminist Theory and Digital Innovation

Contents include: articles on Female migrants in China: Second child fertility behavior and employment stability, Re-making the self: Discourses of ideal Islamic womanhood in Kerala, Exercising agency: A Bourdieusian account of Iranian feminist…

Contents include: articles on Judicial Approaches to the Criminalisation of Marital Rape, Gender Discourses and the Making of the Indian Constitution, Gendered Technologies: Youth, Gender and Mobile Phones in Chennai City, and more.

Herizons v35n3 (Fall21).pdf
Contents include: articles on fourth wave feminism, feds anti-violence plan, Larissa Lai interview, and more.

AJWS 27-04 ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Breaking free from patriarchal appropriation of sacred texts: An Islamic feminist critique of Bol, Men in charge of “real” work and women the office “housework”: Chinese policewomen in the post-socialist era, Moveover?…
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