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GaV_2023_2_web_pro EBSCO.pdf
Contents include: articles on ‘Male and Female He Created Them’: The Roman Catholic Church’s Inconsistent Stance on Gender; Mechitza as a Metaphor: Separation or Unity?; Beyond Secular Autonomy? The Concept of Emancipation According to Saba Mahmood…

GAV_2023_1_for EBSCO.pdf
Contents include: articles on Gender Reflections on the (Post)Pandemic in Central and Eastern Europe.

gender and research 2023 vol 24 issue 1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Double Fragility: The Care Crisis in the Time of the Pandemic; Nurses and the COVID-19 Pandemic – Practices and Identity Construction in Formal and Informal Care; Pills, Power and Performativity: Negotiating Masculinity…

Contents include: articles on Language, Gender, and Social Processes;Gender neutral proper names: current situation and perspectives; Gender-Balanced Slovak in Contemporary Society and more.

Contents include: special issue - Reprezentace genderu v populární kultuře (Representation of Gender in Popular Culture)
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