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Women'sWriting 29.2.pdf
Contents include: Special Issue: Spiritualism and the Supernatural, 1870-1925

SageWoman 97.pdf
Contents include: articles on Grounding Into the Body; Weaving a Creation Story; Plant Sisters: A Visit With 4 Female Herbalists; and more.

JFSR 38, 1.pdf
Contents include: Race, Racism, and the JFSR; Global Racism and International Publishing; Epistemologically Privileging Anger: Living With Cracked Containers in Feminist Scholarship; and more.

Contents include: issue on Spiritual/Political Activism of Lesbian Feminists in the South. Edited by: B. Leaf Cronewrite, Barbara Esrig, Beth York, Gail Reeder, Lorraine Fontana, Merril Mushroom, and Rose Norman.

femspec 20.2.pdf
Contents include: articles on Femspec's Twenty Year Retrospective (continued), creativity and sacrifice in two short stories from Octavia Butler and Maurice Broaddus, The Use of the Epistolary in Boy Snow Bird and The Color Purple: Pushing Against…

Contents include: articles on Performing Power in a Mystical Context: Implications for Theorizing Women’s Agency, Insubordinate Plasticity: Judith Butler and Catherine Malabou, Cultural Gaslighting, and more.

Contents include: Special Section: BDSM Studies.

Contents include: The Passion of Fire: Keeping Our Flame Alive
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