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Contents include: articles on The Promise of Janus-Faced Futures: George S. Schuyler’s Black No More & Maurice Carlos Ruffin’s We Cast a Shadow: A Novel ; Collaboration and Subsistence: Alix E. Harrow's Once and Future Witches through an Ecofeminist…

Contents include: Special Issue: "A Feminist Black Mirror?"

Contents include: articles on Revisioning Persephone: A Reflection on Gender and Identity; The Challenge to Dominance Theory in Patricia Briggs's and Carrie Vaughn's Paranormal Romance Movies; Coming Out of Covid: Femspec Makes a Showing at Women's…

Contents include: critical essays, creative work, conference coverage, and more.

Contents include: articles on The Afrofuturist Green Book: Black Mobility and Space, All I Knew About Ghosts, Indices, In Memoriam, and more.

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Contents include: articles on Femspec's Twenty Year Retrospective (continued), creativity and sacrifice in two short stories from Octavia Butler and Maurice Broaddus, The Use of the Epistolary in Boy Snow Bird and The Color Purple: Pushing Against…

Contents include: articles on Bitching Labor: Radicalize, Gendered Labor in DeConnick and De Landro's "Bitch Planet," The Sankofa Spirit of Afro-futurisms in "Who Fears Death" and "Riot Baby," Resisting Colonial Violence: Investigating Transhuman…

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Contents include articles on: women's work, Femspec's archival home, creative work, and more celebrating Femspec's 20-year-anniversary.

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Contents include: article on women artists, the women's movement and trans movement, narrative organization as cultural training, and more.

Contents include: writings on motherhood, women's art and dialogue in central California, women's spirituality, and more.


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