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ms mag spring 2024.pdf
Includes articles on: abortion bans = sex discrimination; climate change is a women's issue; democracy in peril; and more.

Contains articles on: nonbinary pronouns in literary history; nature is nonbinary: gender and sexuality in biology education in Chile; a queer ecology reading of symbiosis in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; and more.

Contents include articles on: growing up with no Regrettes, preteens terrorizing Sephora employees, Reneé Rapp, and more.

womensstudiesincomm (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on “Didn’t She Used to Sell That WAP?”: Cardi B, Clashing Femininities, and Citizenship; “Periods Don’t Stop for Pandemics”: The Implications of COVID-19 for Online and Offline Menstrual Activism in Great Britain;…

Contents include: articles on Around the World: Frente Bissexual Brasileira, Brazil; Dodgeball and Wine Labels: How Media Harmed and Helped Me on My Bi+ Journey; Growing Up Queer and Neurodivergent: Emerging Understandings of Myself Through Pop…

Contents include: critical essays, creative work, conference coverage, and more.

Contents include: articles on Graphic Design: The Uncomfortable History of Sex Onscreen, Tongue-Tied: "Politically Correct" Has Always Been the Wrong Term, In Safe Hands: During Times of Crisis, Massage Therapy Becomes Activism, and more.

Contents include: articles on abortion on the line, antisemitism on the internet, harassment in the reform movement, and more.

Herizons v35n4 (Win22).pdf
Contents include: articles on How to Stop Cyber Misogyny, The Poetic is Political, Nancy Ruth: Force of Nature, and more.

Herizons v35n3 (Fall21).pdf
Contents include: articles on fourth wave feminism, feds anti-violence plan, Larissa Lai interview, and more.
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