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Includes articles on: abortion bans = sex discrimination; climate change is a women's issue; democracy in peril; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Contested Sexual Identities and Bi + Identity Disclosure Experiences; An Examination of Protective Factors for Bisexual Stigma and Alcohol Use among Heavy Drinking Young Bisexual Women; The Association Between…

Contents include: Special Issue: Old Age in the Wake of Simone de Beauvoir / La vieillesse après Simone de Beauvoir

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Table of Contents:

Editorial: Feminist Counter-narratives in Visual Culture | Karen Keifer-Boyd

Drawing as a Device to Deconstruct Gender Stereotypes: The Case of the Southern Italian Woman | Francesca Brunetti

The Gendered Pandemic: The…

Contents include: articles on An Integrated Conceptual Framework Linking Attachment Insecurity to Increased Risk for Both Enacting and Experiencing Objectification; Sexist Attitudes in Online Video Gaming: Development and Validation of the Sexism…

Contents include: articles on Multidimensional Gender Ideologies Across Europe: Evidence From 36 Countries; Gender Differences in Job Resources and Strains in Authority Positions; The Interior of the Movement for Black Lives: “A New Political…

Contents include: articles on An Integrative Review of Sistah Circles in Empirical Research; Far-Right Misogynoir: A Critical Thematic Analysis of Black College Women's Experiences With White Male Supremacist Influences; Personal Relative Deprivation…

Contents include: articles on The Ties that Bind: Public Opinion and Linked Fate among Women of Color; “What about the Rapists?” The Political Psychology of Women’s Policing Attitudes; Gender Candidate Evaluations and Campaign Donations; and more.

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Contents include: articles on How to Stop Cyber Misogyny, The Poetic is Political, Nancy Ruth: Force of Nature, and more.

Contents include: articles on Fit to Conceive? Representations of Preconception Health in the UK Press, Speaking Out Against Everyday Sexism: Gender and Epistemics in Accusations of "Mansplaining," Looking On The Bright Side: Positivity Discourse,…
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