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Editorial: Feminist Counter-narratives in Visual Culture | Karen Keifer-Boyd

Drawing as a Device to Deconstruct Gender Stereotypes: The Case of the Southern Italian Woman | Francesca Brunetti

The Gendered Pandemic: The…

Contents include: articles on Multidimensional Gender Ideologies Across Europe: Evidence From 36 Countries; Gender Differences in Job Resources and Strains in Authority Positions; The Interior of the Movement for Black Lives: “A New Political…

Contents include: articles on An Integrative Review of Sistah Circles in Empirical Research; Far-Right Misogynoir: A Critical Thematic Analysis of Black College Women's Experiences With White Male Supremacist Influences; Personal Relative Deprivation…

Contents include: articles on The Ties that Bind: Public Opinion and Linked Fate among Women of Color; “What about the Rapists?” The Political Psychology of Women’s Policing Attitudes; Gender Candidate Evaluations and Campaign Donations; and more.

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Contents include: articles on How to Stop Cyber Misogyny, The Poetic is Political, Nancy Ruth: Force of Nature, and more.

Contents include: articles on Fit to Conceive? Representations of Preconception Health in the UK Press, Speaking Out Against Everyday Sexism: Gender and Epistemics in Accusations of "Mansplaining," Looking On The Bright Side: Positivity Discourse,…

Contents include: articles on Socio-Ecologically Constituted Types of Sexual Assault, Testing a Model of How a Sexual Assault Resistance Education Program for Women Reduces Sexual Assaults, Sexist Discrimination and Women’s Use of Intimate Partner…

Contents include: articles on Inequality Regimes in the New Economy, Rhetorics of Resistance to the Feminist Critique of Sexist Language, Colorism as marriage Capital: Cross-Region marriage migration in India and Dark-Skinned migrant Brides, and…

Contents include: articles on Gender mainstreaming in the South African State, 25 years post Beijing, Stalled gender policy renewal and the effects of the policy gap on Malawi government’s gender agenda, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights:…

Contents include: articles on business feminism, liminal silence as "queering" dramatic irony, making sense of sexual consent among adults living in Sweden, and more.
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