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Contents include: articles on Women and the Silent Screen

media report to women.pdf
Contents include: articles on A Journalist is Killed Every Four Days, UNESCO Says; Women Journalists Shatter Stereotypes in "She Said" Film; 25 Years of Film Analysis: Women's Influence Modest; and more.

Nora 30.3.pdf
Contents include: Special Issue: Nordic LGBTQ Histories

IndianJournOfGenderStudies 29.3.pdf
Contents include: articles on ‘No Country for Old Women’: Female Aging
in Bollywood; Presence Without Empowerment? Women in
Rural Local Government in Bangladesh; A Hauntology of Clandestine Transmissions: Spectres of Gender and Race in Electronic…

Contents include: articles on speculative approaches to media histories II.

Contents include: articles on speculative approaches to media histories.

Differences 33.1.pdf
Contents include: articles on The Smear: Vibrational Flesh and the Calculus of Black Queer Becoming in Barry Jenkins' 'Moonlight'; Toward a Genealogy of the Wall-Screen; Reparative Reading and the Drug Wars' Queer Children; and more.

nora vol. 30 no. 1.pdf
Special Issue: Nordic Women and Transnational Networks during the Cold War: Collaboration, Conflicts, Achievements, and Memory

Contents include: articles on Film Industry Remains Slow to Open Up To Women, Women in Journalism History: Going Beyond Firsts, Shadows of American Politics in Prime Time TV, and more.

Contents include: articles on Re-examining Gertrude Stein's Relationship to the Literary Canon, A Critique of Popular Press Reporting of Three Crimes in Australia, The Erasure and Pseudo-Empowerment Narrative of the Goddess in "Wonder Woman" 2017,…
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