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Includes articles on: performing heterosexual attraction in a bisexual interview; sexual performances and sexual personas in academia; exploring the role of place in sex work through participant photography; and more.

Contains articles on: deconstructing beauty standards; getting personal and political; sisterhood echoed through creative solidarity; and more.

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Contains articles on: empowering women leaders in higher education; furthering a social justice mission; bullying in the academy; and more.

Contains articles on: expressive freedom and ethical responsibility at Canadian universities and my feminist grief.

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Contains articles on: academic women's silences in Iran: exploring with positioning theory; medical fetishism in education: gender the 'clinical' metaphor; Korean students' gendered and classed acquirement of transnational mobility through studying…

Contents include articles on: growing up with no Regrettes, preteens terrorizing Sephora employees, Reneé Rapp, and more.

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Contents include articles on: climate change and women's health, decoding global reproductive health discourse on Reddit, comparative cross-sectional study on sexual function of couples during pregnancy, and more.

Contains articles on: epistemic injustice and feminist education; the contribution of Croatian women philosophers to the study of Croatian philosophy; the struggle of Ukrainian women for the right to higher education; and more.

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Contains articles on: the ableist and white supremacist origins of U.S. policing and connections to involuntary hospitalization, anti-racist pedagogy as activism, an autoethnography of the arrest of activists in the wake of the George Floyd protests,…

Contents include articles on: diverse, high-achieving young women and the pursuit of engineering; interrogating the risky hire narrative in STEM faculty careers; temporal changes in video game play and spatial visualization skills by gender among…
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