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Contents include: Configuring the digital relationship landscape: a feminist new materialist analysis of a couple relationship app; Pre-problem families: predictive analytics and the future as the present; and more

Nashim, no. 43, 2024.pdf
Contents include: articles on Jewish Women, Feminism, Gender, Scholarship: Where are we now; Tal Ilan, A Feminist Commentary on the Mishnah: Tractate Pe'ah as an Example of Silencingl; and more

Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World, vol. 22, no. 1.pdf
Includes articles on: Colonialism and Islamic Reform: Bodies, Minds and Freedom; Women and Law in Seventeenth- Century Mughal India

Includes articles on: the meaning of abuse for young Arab women in Israel; reconceptualizing resilience and vulnerability in liberal feminist discourse during the COVID-19 pandemic; gender mainstreaming in Albanian higher education institutions; and…

Includes articles on: decision-making, marital power, and the persistence of gender inequality; practicing quiet feminism in the era of everyday backlash in South Korea; a multispecies companionship case from the Aegean forests of Turkey; book…

Includes articles on: the changing landscape of Mexican abortion activism; white wellness, Black feminism, and the politics of self-care; gender and the relational patterns of migration from Vietnam; book reviews; and more.

Contents include: essays, poetry, fiction, book reviews and more.

Women and Criminal Justice vol33 no1to6.pdf
Contains articles on: examining the decriminalization of adultery in India, gender and the strategic and tactical logic of Boko Haram's suicide bombers, far-right violent extremist women, female crime and delinquency, and more.

Contents include: articles on Decision-Making, Violence, Resistance, and Love: Contested and Complicating Narratives of Syrian Marriages; Understanding Intimate Partner Violence: Why Coercive Control Requires a Social and Systemic Entrapment…

Contents include: articles on A White and Secular Habitus? Evidence from France; Queering Tibetan Buddhism through Vernacular Agency: The Personal Experience Narrative of Tashi Choedup; Saying ‘I Do’ to Feminism: How Christian Women in the U.S.…
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