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Contents include: articles on Post-Sexual Assault Decision Making: Centering Black Women's Experiences; Working Together? Gendered Barriers to Employment and Desistance From Harm Amongst Criminalised English Women; "The Second Sentencing": A…

pakistan journal of womens studies (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on Economic Consequences of COVID-19 on Women Home-Based Workers in Rural Pakistan: The Narratives of Survival; Women Colonized: Trafficking and Commodification of Women Revisiting Shahid Nadeem's Dukhini; Pregnant Domestic…

european journal of womens studies 30.1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Room of her own: Remaking empty nest and creating herspaces in practices of Polish mothers whose children left home; The politics of tending to the body: Women doing yoga in Genoa (Italy); Equal bodies: The notion of the…

feminist review_132_1.toc.pdf
Contents include: articles on Indebted Adulthood in Queer Times; Cultural Impacts of Social Movements: Feminism within the Catholic Church in Spain; We All Are Feminists Now; and more.

pakistan journal of womens studies.pdf
Contents include: articles on Economic Consequences of Covid-19 on Women Home-Based Workers in Rural Pakistan: The Narratives of Survival; An Imaginary World: Perceptions of Undergraduate Female Students
of Female Characters in Chinese & Turkish TV…

Contents include: articles on Voir, Jugir, Agir...pour les femmes; Sujettes et assujeties : les femmes face au droit; Le harcèlement sexuel, un flēau notoire pour les femmes; and more.

Contents include: articles on Weaponized Subordination: How Incels
Discredit Themselves to Degrade Women; In Women we Trust? Gender-Status Mismatch and Trust in Professional Networks; Breadwinning, Occupational Sex Composition, and Stress: Examining…

Contents include: articles on Decolonizing Purity Culture: Gendered Racism and White Idealization in Evangelical Christianity; When “Good People” Sexually Harass: The Role of Power and Moral Licensing on Sexual Harassment Perceptions and Intentions;…

HealthCareForWomenIntl 43.7-9.pdf
Contents include: articles on The enduring trail of gender-based violence; Personal and professional struggles in the pandemic; and more.

Contents include: articles on “Caring for the Mine”: Women in Capitalist Accumulation in the Peruvian Andes ; Why Property Matters? New Varieties of Domestic Patriarchy in Turkey; Neglecting Reproductive Labor: A Critical Review of Gender Equality…
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