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Contents include: issue on Conversation and Commentary: Embracing Black Feminist Joy and Pleasure in Communication Studies

Contents include: Special Issue: Feminist Psychology and Open Science: Challenges and Opportunities

Contents include: articles on gendered campaigning in the 2016 Irish General Election, the role of women's movements in the implementation of gender-based violence laws, negative political communication on social media and the gender gap, and more.

Contents include: articles on Predicting transphobia among cisgender women and men: The roles of feminist identification and gender conformity, Transgender patients’ satisfaction with their mental health providers prior to gender affirming surgery,…

Contents include: articles on The syndicates: writing pornography before the sexual revolution, Brian Reynolds, public visibility, and gay stardom, Cumming to a screen near you: transmasculine and non-binary people in the camming industry, and more.

Contents include: articles on fitstagram diptychs and the enactment of cyborg embodiment, Colombian women's organized struggles, the interdependence of personal and collective trauma in the narratives of Bosnian women rape survivors, and more.

Contents include: special issue on Performing Resistance

Contents include: articles on imposter syndrome, inside social media's war on sex workers, the true costs of breast implants, and more.
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