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Contents include: articles on Sex that's Kosher and Egalitarian; Family Photographs Concealed and Revealed; Freedom from Want; and more.

JournalOfWomen, Politics, Policy 43.4.pdf
Contents include: articles on Militarization and Gender Equality; There's no Women's Mafia: Women's Donor Groups in State Legislative Elections; Guy-Guessing Democracy: Gender and Item Non-Response Bias in Evaluations of Democratic Institutions; and…

Contents include: articles on Credibility, Trauma, and the Law: Domestic Violence-Based Asylum Claims in the United States; The Regulation, Reclamation, and Resistance of Queer Kinship in Contemporary India; Using Reflexivity as a Tool to Validate…

Contents include: articles on family in law, illicit insemination, municipal non-discrimination law, and more.
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