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Contents include: articles on Migration, mobility and policy responses; The political effects of social attitudes; The cultural forms of gender; and more.

Contents include: articles on «Una tragedia di linguaggio non corrisposto»: Language between Family Crisis and Transnationalism in Viola di Grado’s Settanta acrilico trenta lana; Returning to the Imaginary and Recreating Female Subjectivity through…

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Contents include: articles on Sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice in the war against Ukraine 2022; Measuring women’s agency in family planning: the conceptual and structural factors in the way; Ageing in obscurity: a critical…

Contents include: articles on Labor Organizer Nannie Helen Burroughs and Her National Training School for Women and Girls; "She's Been Doing Everything Right": Mothers of Color and Economic Violence; Erased by Respectability: The Intersections of…

Contents include: articles on Queering the kinship story: constructing connection through LGBTQ family narratives; Mothering against motherhood: doula work, xenohospitality and the idea of the momrade; From the families we choose to the families we…

Contents include: articles on Sex that's Kosher and Egalitarian; Family Photographs Concealed and Revealed; Freedom from Want; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Militarization and Gender Equality; There's no Women's Mafia: Women's Donor Groups in State Legislative Elections; Guy-Guessing Democracy: Gender and Item Non-Response Bias in Evaluations of Democratic Institutions; and…

Contents include: articles on Credibility, Trauma, and the Law: Domestic Violence-Based Asylum Claims in the United States; The Regulation, Reclamation, and Resistance of Queer Kinship in Contemporary India; Using Reflexivity as a Tool to Validate…
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