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Contains articles on: contesting assumptions of second-wave feminism; power, paternalism and process of the National Shipwreck Relief Society of NSW; the political power of emotions; and more.

Contents include: articles on book and film reviews, reference works, online resources, journals, and more.

Contents include: articles on Migration, mobility and policy responses; The political effects of social attitudes; The cultural forms of gender; and more.

Contents include: articles on Feminist pedagogy through the small fieldnote; At the Crossroads: Caribbean Women and (Black) Feminist Ethnography in the Time of HIV/AIDS; “Nothing Feels Better than Getting Paid”: Sex Working Trans Latinas’ Meanings…

Contents include: articles on “It’s Hard Out Here for a Unicorn”: Transmasculine and Nonbinary Escorts, Embodiment, and Inequalities in Cisgendered Workplaces; Modern, Empowered, but Stigmatized: Analyzing the Construction of Menstrual Cups as…

Contents include: articles on Mental disorder and subsequent marital separation among migrant and non-migrant women; Life satisfaction of multicultural married couples: Actor-Partner Interdependence Model analysis; Children academic stress, mothers’…

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Contents include: articles on Platforms, sex work and their interconnectedness; Spanish gay male subjectivity, body, intimacy, and affect on Instagram; “You’re selling a brand”: Marketing commercial sex online; and more.

Contents include: articles on First They Came for Critical Race Theory …; Harnessing the Lived Experience of Transgender and Gender Diverse People as Practice Knowledge in Social Work: A Standpoint Analysis; An Epidemic of Virtue: A Review of Social…

Contents include: Special Symposium Issue: "Meeting the Moment: Legal Frameworks for Feminist Futures"

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Contents include: articles on The ‘addict sexual script’: Addiction discourse among Israeli sex industry consumers; Stigma, invisibility and unattainable ‘choices’ in sex work; Queer expectations: An empirical critique of rural LGBT+ narratives; and…
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