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Contains articles on: Exploring social connectedness, isolation, support, and recovery factors among women seeking substance use treatment; factors associated with postpartum depression among high-risk women during the COVID-19 pandemic; the effects…

Contents include: articles on Agents of Socialization, Anxiety, College Women, and Fear of Rape; In Their Own Words: Women Veterans Identify the Personal Consequences of Military Sexual Trauma Victimization; Co-Occurring Intimate Partner Violence and…

Contents include: articles on A Sense of Danger: Gender-Based Violence and the Quest for a Sensory Criminology; Mental Disorder and Women’s Recidivism: A Meta-Analysis; and Narrative Resilience Among Formerly Incarcerated Mothers.

Contents include articles on: narratives of bisexual college student identity negotiation, the experience of bi-negativity in mixed gender relationships, the high prevalence of depression symptoms among bisexual women, and more.

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Contents include: articles on Barriers to Family Planning Among Women With Severe Mental Illness; Rural-Urban Differences in Unintended Pregnancies, Contraceptive Nonuse, and Terminated Pregnancies in Latin America and the Caribbean; “Mommy’s Having…

Contents include: articles on Did the Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub affect sexual minority mental health? Results and challenges using population-based data, Sexual self-concepts among sexual minority men with childhood sexual abuse histories,…

Contents include: articles on post-abortion care in Sub-Saharan Africa, perspectives of healthcare workers on the morality of abortion, a qualitative study of induced abortion among Tibetan women, and more.

Contents include: articles on 27 women elected to the National Academy of Sciences, expanding the community for black girls, how to write publicly about mental illness, and more.
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