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Contains articles on: Exploring social connectedness, isolation, support, and recovery factors among women seeking substance use treatment; factors associated with postpartum depression among high-risk women during the COVID-19 pandemic; the effects…

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Contents include articles on: climate change and women's health, decoding global reproductive health discourse on Reddit, comparative cross-sectional study on sexual function of couples during pregnancy, and more.

Contents include: articles on The impact of relationship status on IVF patients’ quality of life; Improving menstrual health knowledge among girls from Iran: the effectiveness of educational health belief model; Assessing menopause symptoms in women…

Contents include articles on: the right to legal capacity, its recognition in human rights law, and challenges for women with disabilities; dementia, a gendered issue that intersects with ageing and disability rights in Malaysia; youth perspectives…

Contents include: articles on Towards a Feminist Geo-legal Ethic of Caring Within Medical Supply Chains: Lessons from Careless Supply During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Ontological Governance: Gender, Hormones, and the Legal Regulation of Transgender…

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Contents include: articles on “Didn’t She Used to Sell That WAP?”: Cardi B, Clashing Femininities, and Citizenship; “Periods Don’t Stop for Pandemics”: The Implications of COVID-19 for Online and Offline Menstrual Activism in Great Britain;…

Contents include: articles on Taking Charge of the Menstrual Cycle: Discourses of Menstruation and the Menstruating Body in Self-Help Literature; Cannabis Use During Pregnancy: A Qualitative Analysis of Online Information Sharing About Safety; The…

Contents include: articles on Race, Gender, and Violence; An Intersectional Analysis of System Avoidance; Imprisoning Intimacy: The Expanding Sites of Racialized-Gendered Carceral Violence; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Exploring Cisgender Women’s Experiences of Reproductive Loss After In Vitro Fertilization; Post-Abortion Contraceptive Use Among Girls and Women in Ghana; Period Poverty in Lebanon: A Call for Action; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Male Peer Talk About Menstruation: Discursively Bolstering Hegemonic Masculinities Among Young Men in South Africa; Initial Validity Evidence for the Menstrual-Related Symptoms Questionnaire; Exclusive Breastfeeding and…
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