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Contents include: articles on Linked Fate and Social Identity: Black and White Women’s Attitudes About Abortion and MeToo; Illusion of Inclusion: Examining Trickle-Down Effects of the Board Gender Quota Regulation in India; Gender Segregation in…

Contents include: articles on “It’s Hard Out Here for a Unicorn”: Transmasculine and Nonbinary Escorts, Embodiment, and Inequalities in Cisgendered Workplaces; Modern, Empowered, but Stigmatized: Analyzing the Construction of Menstrual Cups as…

Contents include: articles on Parental Leave Policies, Usage Consequences, and Changing Normative Beliefs: Evidence From a Survey Experiment; The Fragile Male: An Experimental Study of Transgender Classification and the Durability of Gender…

Contents include: articles on Race, Gender, and Violence; An Intersectional Analysis of System Avoidance; Imprisoning Intimacy: The Expanding Sites of Racialized-Gendered Carceral Violence; and more.

Contents include: articles on Making Invisible Victims Whole: A Reply to Diamantis; Trans Optics and Panopticons: Trans Visbility, Anti-Transness, and Surveillance; A Feminist Eye on the New Law or Care Work Compensation in China; and more.

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Contents include: articles on No Such Thing as Society? On Competition, Solidarity, and Social Bond; No Touching: Boundary Violation and Analytic Solidarity; Mainstreaming Fantasy: Politics without Reserve; and more.

Contents include articles on: Girls’ educational aspirations and gender inequalities in education among disadvantaged groups in Sudan; Urban female farmers’ access to land: Study of female farmers in some urban agricultural areas at Khartoum State;…

Contents include: The Movement-Building Issue

Contents include: articles on Climax as Work: Heteronormativity, Gender Labor, and the Gender Gap in Orgasms, “Why Don’t They Just Use Cloth?” Gender Policy Vacuums and the Inequalities of Diapering, “Dutch Racism is not Like Anywhere Else”: Refusing…

Contents include: articles on A Little Word That Means A Lot: A Reassessment of Singular They in a New Era of Gender Politics, Who Manages the Money at Home? Multilevel Analysis of Couples’ Money Management Across 34 Countries, Postfeminist Versions…
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