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Contents include: articles on Transnational Feminist Approaches to Anti-Muslim Racism; Race, Gender, and Religion: Islamophobia and Beyond ; The Entanglement of Secularism and Feminism in Pakistan; and more.

pakistan journal of womens studies (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on Economic Consequences of COVID-19 on Women Home-Based Workers in Rural Pakistan: The Narratives of Survival; Women Colonized: Trafficking and Commodification of Women Revisiting Shahid Nadeem's Dukhini; Pregnant Domestic…

feminist review_133_1.toc.pdf
Contents include: articles on queer elsewheres ↔ South Asian imaginaries.

pakistan journal of womens studies.pdf
Contents include: articles on Economic Consequences of Covid-19 on Women Home-Based Workers in Rural Pakistan: The Narratives of Survival; An Imaginary World: Perceptions of Undergraduate Female Students
of Female Characters in Chinese & Turkish TV…

FemTheology 31.1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Fragmented Voices with Guilt and Apologies: Interrogating Narratives on Ordination of Women in Nagaland Churches; Ritual Sequestration, Genital Cutting, and Hierodulic Servitude: A Triad of Feminist Dilemmas; Ministry…

Contents include: articles on Rethinking Explicit Consent and Intimate Data: The Case of Menstruapps; Transgender EU Citizens and the Limited Form of Union Citizenship available to them; Networked Struggles: Placards at Pakistan’s Aurat March; and…

PakistanJournalOfWomensStudies vol. 29 no. 1.pdf
Contents include: articles on engendering women in Bangladesh's politics, gender sensitive policy initiatives, contributions of Pakistani female researchers, and more.

Contents include: articles on Marriage Transmitted Debt in the Chinese Civil Code: The Beginning of a Solution Rather than the End, Gender-Based Violence in Pakistan's Digital Spaces, Artificial Wombs, Frozen Embryos, and Parenthood: Will Ectogenesis…

Contents include: articles on Climax as Work: Heteronormativity, Gender Labor, and the Gender Gap in Orgasms, “Why Don’t They Just Use Cloth?” Gender Policy Vacuums and the Inequalities of Diapering, “Dutch Racism is not Like Anywhere Else”: Refusing…

Contents include: articles on Abnormal uterine bleeding and associated factors among reproductive age women in Jimma town, Oromia Region, Southwest Ethiopia, Oncofertility care: A qualitative study to understand personal perspectives and barriers in…
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