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Includes articles on: the impact of childhood sexual abuse on interpersonal relationships; Dalit feminist literature from South India; re-envisioning community-engaged healing for Black women; and more.

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Includes articles on: materialist interventions and lessons in abolition feminisms from Desis rising up and moving; Muslim theologies and the struggle for abolition; against the creation of an Asian hate crime task force by the NYPD; and more.

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Contains articles on: CEO personal characteristics and firms' risk-taking behaviour: the moderating role of family ownership; gender diversity, foreign directors and sector-wise corporate philanthropic giving of Islamic banks in Bangladesh; a study…

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Contents include: articles on Gender, Race, and Class in an Intersectional Framework: Occupations and Wages in the United States; The Gender Happiness Gap in China: Composition Effect or Coefficient Effect?; Gender Gaps in Financial Literacy:…

Contents include: articles on Keeping Girls in Schools Longer: The Kanyashree Approach in India; Shecession: The Downfall of Colombian Women During the Covid-19 Pandemic; The Gendered Relationship Between Temporary, Informal Employment and Wages:…

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Contents include: articles on European BIPOC Feminisms; Are Reindeer the New Buffalo?: Climate Change, the Green Shift, and Manifest Destiny in Sápmi; Flamboyant: Wildness, Loss, and Possibility in Feminist Organizing in the Netherlands; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Provincializing Trans Studies; Crystal Labeija, Femme Queens, and the Future of Black Trans Studies; Program for a Transgender Existentialism; and more.

Contents include: articles on “Caring for the Mine”: Women in Capitalist Accumulation in the Peruvian Andes ; Why Property Matters? New Varieties of Domestic Patriarchy in Turkey; Neglecting Reproductive Labor: A Critical Review of Gender Equality…

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Contents include: “I Think God Is a Feminist”: Art and Action by Orthodox
Jewish Women; Companion Sex Robots: Racialized Household Economics; “The Revolution Will Wear Burkas and Bangles”: Feminist Care and Politics at Shaheen Bagh; and more.
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