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Contents include: articles on New Zealand’s Military and the Disciplining of Sex between Men; Whither Rape in the History of Sexuality;

Contents include: articles on Researching Men’s Violence Against Women as Feminist Women Researchers: The Tensions We Face; A Complex Relationship: Intimate Partner Violence, Identification With the Aggressor, and Guilt; Motivations and Barriers to…

Contents include: articles on Keeping Girls in Schools Longer: The Kanyashree Approach in India; Shecession: The Downfall of Colombian Women During the Covid-19 Pandemic; The Gendered Relationship Between Temporary, Informal Employment and Wages:…

Contains articles on: keeping girls in schools longer, an examination of business ownership and housework burdens in black and white US couples, school closures and work hours during the COVID-19 pandemic in Austria, and more.

Contents include articles on: understanding the impact of undocumented residence status on healthcare relationships in Belgium; a discourse analysis of a social media marketing campaign for infant formula; borderline personality disorder and…

Contents include: articles on Migration, mobility and policy responses; The political effects of social attitudes; The cultural forms of gender; and more.

Contents include: articles on gendered perceptions of rebellious women in late Medieval Flemish chronicles, toxic masculinity in interwar Italian and Turkish women's novels, mountain climbing and women's rights, and more.
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