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Contents include: articles on Keeping Girls in Schools Longer: The Kanyashree Approach in India; Shecession: The Downfall of Colombian Women During the Covid-19 Pandemic; The Gendered Relationship Between Temporary, Informal Employment and Wages:…

Contains articles on: keeping girls in schools longer, an examination of business ownership and housework burdens in black and white US couples, school closures and work hours during the COVID-19 pandemic in Austria, and more.

Contents include articles on: Girls’ educational aspirations and gender inequalities in education among disadvantaged groups in Sudan; Urban female farmers’ access to land: Study of female farmers in some urban agricultural areas at Khartoum State;…

Contents include: articles on Prioritising Quantity over Quality: Lopsided Approach to Girl Child Education in the Bihar Government’s Schemes, Chick Lit in India: A Step Towards Power Feminism, Media Sensitivity Towards Cybercrimes Against Women, and…

Contents include: articles on Women’s Income-generating Activity and Experiences of Economic Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Bangladesh, School Connectedness and STEM Orientation in Adolescent Girls: The Role of Perceived Gender Discrimination and…

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Contents include articles on: Perceptions of girls on the determinant causes of their drop out from basic education (Sudan), Experiences of living with Obstetric Fistula (OF)
at Khartoum: Case study women attending Abbo’s Centre for Fistula and…

Contents include: articles on the white publishing world, genetic testing and a legacy of distrust, love and surveillance, and more.

Contents include: winners announced for 2nd annual Talking Back Awards, transformation after cancer, Anishinaabe Word of the Day, zines as trauma magic, community gardening 101, and more.
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