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Includes articles on: decision-making, marital power, and the persistence of gender inequality; practicing quiet feminism in the era of everyday backlash in South Korea; a multispecies companionship case from the Aegean forests of Turkey; book…

Contents include: articles on Behold! The Revolutionary Dreamer; From the Labor Bund to the Lesbian Bar; Forest Defense is Self-Defense; and more.

Contents include: articles on Short-Circuited Trans Care, t4t, and Trans Scenes; The Affective Politics of Care in Trans Crowdfunding; “Necessary Bonding”: On Black Trans Studies, Kinship, and Black Feminist Genealogies; and more.

Contents include: articles on Slavery's Intimate World; Fugivity and Enslaved Women's Agency in the Age of Revolution; Fashioning Motherhood: French Magazine Subscribers Debate Class, Race, and Social Status, 1919-1939; and more

Women&Language 45.1.pdf
Contents include: Guilt Avoidance and the Good Mother: How Vaccine Advertising Trades on Parental Identity to Promote a Product; Recognizing Women's Collaborative Environmental Communication at the First World Women's Congress for a Healthy Planet;…

Contents include: The Movement-Building Issue

Contents include: articles on extractivism, resistance, and alternatives.

Contents include: articles on reproductive justice and community resistance in Hong Kong's Anti-ELAB Movement, abortion rights activism in Argentina, African futurities and Black queer sex in South African live art, and more.

Contents include: special issue - CrossTalk: Graduate Students of Color Reflect on Lessons Lived and Learned in the Academy.
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