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Contents include articles on: climate change and women's health, decoding global reproductive health discourse on Reddit, comparative cross-sectional study on sexual function of couples during pregnancy, and more.

politicsa&gender 18.4.pdf
Contents include: articles on Experience, Knowledge, and Political Representation; Traditional Gender Attitudes, Nativism, and Support for the Radical Right; Out of the Shadows: The Women Countering Insurgency in Nigeria; and more.

FemTheology 31.1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Fragmented Voices with Guilt and Apologies: Interrogating Narratives on Ordination of Women in Nagaland Churches; Ritual Sequestration, Genital Cutting, and Hierodulic Servitude: A Triad of Feminist Dilemmas; Ministry…

Contents include: articles on Polyamory in Paris: A social network theory application, He looks so cute: The discourse of heterosexual relationship initiation by female youth in Nigeria, Discourse and religious doctrine: Professional social work and…

Contents include: articles on Covid-19 in Pregnancy and Birth: "Midwives and other birthworkers around the world have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that has been shaking the world this year. This issue is focused on what is happening both in…

Contents include: articles on Reasons for the utilization of the services of traditional birth attendants during childbirth: A qualitative study in Northern Ghana, Knowledge and psychosocial needs of Latina breast cancer survivors with lymphedema,…

Contents include: articles on extractivism, resistance, and alternatives.

Contents include: articles on medical pluralism in maternal health-seeking behavior of rural women in Southern Ecuador, women's experiences of cultural and traditional health beliefs about pregnancy and childbirth in Zambia, reproductive health care…

WRH vol. 8, no. 2.pdf
Contents include articles on: Does Interest in Sex Peak at Mid-Cycle in Ovulatory Menstrual Cycles of Healthy, Community Dwelling Women? An 11-Month Prospective Observational Study, Progressing Toward Adolescents’ Ovulatory-Menstrual Health Literacy:…
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