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Contents include: articles on Theology, Gender, and Me: Insider Auto-Ethnographic Research Method and Its Impact in Trans-Related Theological Research; Inhabiting Adamancy: Contributions Toward a Queer Feminist Theology; Queer Theology and a Synodal…

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Includes articles on: unscripting sexting in a Dutch school; exploring maternal selfie practices; women's experiences in game jams and video game communities; and more.

Contents include: articles on Pollution, governance, and women's work: Examining African female labour force participation in the face of environmental pollution and governance quality puzzles; Feminist counter-authoritarian political agency: Muslim…

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Contents include: articles on Socio-Legal Empowerment for Working Women in Bangladesh; Decolonial Reproductive Justice: Analyzing Reproductive Oppression in India; The Albany Birth Justice Storytelling Project: Integrating Feminist Pedagogy into…

Contents include: articles on contemporary juristic discourse and women's rights, reforming inheritance law in Islamic societies, Malay women leaders in Malaysia, and more.
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