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sexa_26_4.toc (1).pdf
Contents include: Special Issue: Ken Plummer

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Contents include: articles on Platforms, sex work and their interconnectedness; Spanish gay male subjectivity, body, intimacy, and affect on Instagram; “You’re selling a brand”: Marketing commercial sex online; and more.

studies in gender and sexuality 24.1.pdf
Contents include: Special Issue:“Knowledge Is Mediated through the Body”: What Embodied Reflections Can Teach Psychoanalysis about Positionality, Bodily Autonomy, and Solidarity

womens studies in comm.pdf
Contents include: articles on Against Gender Essentialism: Reproductive Justice Doulas and Gender Inclusivity in Pregnancy and Birth Discourse; Ace Awakening: Communication Sources That Lead to Affirming Asexual-Spectrum Identities; Of Markets,…

Contents include: articles on Islamic and Jewish Religious Feminisms: Textual Foundations and Practices.

sexualities_25_8.toc (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on The ‘addict sexual script’: Addiction discourse among Israeli sex industry consumers; Stigma, invisibility and unattainable ‘choices’ in sex work; Queer expectations: An empirical critique of rural LGBT+ narratives; and…

FemStudies 48.2.pdf
Contents include: articles on Regulation of Women's Reproduction; Gender and Sexual Formation; and Violence and Gendered Corporeality in Zones of Political Conflict.

Contents include: articles on A Prostitutes’ Jamboree: The World Whores’ Congresses of the 1980s and the Rise of a New Feminism; From Neighbors to Outcasts: Evangelical Gay Activism in the Late 1970s; Retribution, Reward, and Reincarnation: Gender…

Women&Language 45.2.pdf
Contents include: Discursive Constructions of Women's Sexuality in College Hookup Culture; Women's Hearts, Men's Rights: Reinforcing Patriarchy in Heart Disease Online ; Enacting Rage and Navigating Tensions: U.S. Mothers' Perceptions of the Term;…
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