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Feminist Studies in Religion, vol. 40, no. 1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Culinary Placemaking; Enslaved Women, Women Enslavers; Freedom Fighter; and more

femstudies (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on On Imagined Innocence: Emerging Black Feminist Approaches to Slavery Studies; Femtech: The "Smart" Business of Menstruation, Hormone Tracking, and Corporate Construction of Risk; More than a Blue Sky: On Being a Queer…

feminist studies.pdf
Contents include: articles on Intersectional Saturation: Toward a Theory of Feminist Organizations' Intersectionality; "Gay Genes" and the Contested Origins of Same-Sex Desire; poems, and more.

FemStudies 48.2.pdf
Contents include: articles on Regulation of Women's Reproduction; Gender and Sexual Formation; and Violence and Gendered Corporeality in Zones of Political Conflict.

FeministStudies 48.1.pdf
Contents include: Issue on Celebrating 40 Years of 'This Bridge Called My Back' and 'But Some of Us are Brave

Contents include: articles on the job market within gender and women's studies, training and curricular issues, structural changes, and sexual violence in education.

This issue focuses on Feminist Autobiography.
Contents include: articles on a variety of feminist autobiographies and memoirs, women's spaces, graphic art, the geological materialism of Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler, creative writing, and more.

Contents include: articles on conversations between decolonial and postcolonial feminisms, engaging and sometimes troubling the temporal and spatial distinctions drawn between decolonial and postcolonial approaches.
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