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Contents include: articles on Applying Gloria Anzaldua's Creative Works to Speculative Realism: Bridging Jane Bennett's Vital Materialism and Graham Harman's Object-Oriented Philosophy; Retro-Sex, Anti-Trans Legislation, and the Colonial/Modern…

Contents include: articles on Apuntes para pensar el campo editorial en clave feminista. El caso argentino contemporáneo, Disciplina y violencia contra las mujeres en la prensa del siglo XIX. Divergencia comparativa entre México y España, Linn da…

Contents include: articles on Reproductive Anticolonialism: Placental Politics, Weaponised Wombs and the Power of Abjection in the Early Spanish Mariana Islands, Prejudice and Protestations: Rereading Yu Xuanji's Poetry, For Girls who want to Rock…

Contents include: articles on female romantic poetry from 1798 to 1819, part of an Englishwoman's constitution, sartorial subversion, and more.

Contents include: issue on Indigenous Brilliance; featuring commissioned work by Whess Harman, interview with Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones, and more.

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Contents include: issue on City Rhythms; featuring new fiction by Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, PhD, interview with Alannah Johnson, and more.

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Contents include: issue on Growing Room; featuring the 2020 Growing Room Literary & Arts Festival Keynote from Kai Cheng Thom, interview with Maneo Mohale, and more.

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Contents include: issue on Twine; featuring interview: "Opening Doors: The Impact of Language on Writing with Nazanine Hozar, new CNF by Jenny Heijun Wills, and more.

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Contents include: issue on Neurodivergence; featuring an interview with Terese Marie Mailhot, new CNF by Lindsay Wong, and more.

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Contents include: issue on devour; featuring new poetry by Marilyn Dumont, an interview with Samra Habib, and more.

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