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Contents include: Portraits of Power; After the Fall; Mama Lives On; mother body erasure identity; My Mother, the Imposter; and more.

Contents include: articles on Marriage Transmitted Debt in the Chinese Civil Code: The Beginning of a Solution Rather than the End, Gender-Based Violence in Pakistan's Digital Spaces, Artificial Wombs, Frozen Embryos, and Parenthood: Will Ectogenesis…

Contents include: articles on Fanon, Southern Theory, and Psychoanalysis: Dialogues on Race, Gender, and Sexuality.

Contents include: articles on La pandemia de COVID-19 y la violencia doméstica en la situación sociopolítica brasileña, La despatriarcalización de Dios en la teología feminista, Activismo católico: Bioética, Derechos Reproductivos y Género, and more.…

Contents include: articles on gendered campaigning in the 2016 Irish General Election, the role of women's movements in the implementation of gender-based violence laws, negative political communication on social media and the gender gap, and more.

Contents include: articles on Gender mainstreaming in the South African State, 25 years post Beijing, Stalled gender policy renewal and the effects of the policy gap on Malawi government’s gender agenda, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights:…

Contents include: articles on A girlfesto as a strategy for girl-led activism in rural communities, Reflections of a first-year student on gender-based violence at a university in South Africa, Schoolgirls leading their rural community in dialogue to…

Contents include: articles on
Ukukupukula Pampoto: Cultural Construction of Silence Regarding Gender-Based Violence among Pentecostal Married Women in Zambia,
Gender and Sexual Desire Justice in African Christianity,
Queer(y)ing Naga…
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