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Contents include: articles on Gender Role Violations and Voter Prejudice: The Agentic Penalty Faced By Women Politicians, Beyond Consensus: Gender, Chief Justices, and Leadership on State Supreme Courts, Gender Egalitarian Attitudes and Support for…

Contents include: articles on The Gender Mobility Paradox: Gender Segregation and Women’s Mobility Across Gender-Type Boundaries, 1970–2018, Gendered Interpretations of Job Loss and Subsequent Professional Pathways, How do Gender Norms and Childcare…

Contents include: articles on Women’s Income-generating Activity and Experiences of Economic Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Bangladesh, School Connectedness and STEM Orientation in Adolescent Girls: The Role of Perceived Gender Discrimination and…

Contents include: articles on Reflections About What I Learned as an Editor Making Judgments about Gender and Gendered Contexts with a Feminist Perspective, Young Adult Women’s Aspirations for Education and Career in Qatar: Active Resistance to…

Contents include: articles on Socialisation Influences on Gender Ideologies of Immigrant and Native Youth in Germany, England, Sweden and the Netherlands, Men’s Discomfort and Anticipated Sexual Misclassification Due to Counter-Stereotypical…

Contents include: articles on challenging unequal gendered conventions n heterosexual relationship contexts, minority girls' femininity, and Sweden's burka ban.

Contents include: articles on gender-typing of children's toys, LEGO narratives promoting stereotypical gender roles, peer toy play and more.
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