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Contents include: Special Issue: Intersectional Epistemologies: The Ethics and Politics of Epistemic Practice

Contents include: articles on Epistemic Peerhood in Trans Social Work Research; Resistance as a Foundational Commons: Intersectionality, Transfeminism, and the Future of Critical Feminisms; Fat Liberation: How Social Workers Can Incorporate Fat…

Contents include: Special Issue: Intersectional (Feminist) Activisms Worldwide: Practices, Experiences and Critical Perspectives

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Contents include: articles on The Gendered Consequences of Abolition and Citizenship on Nineteenth-Century Gorée Island; “The Ministry of Women’s Affairs will not be Feminist”: Jeanne Gervais and Gender Complementarity in Côte d’Ivoire; Slavery’s…

Contents include: Special Symposium Issue: "Meeting the Moment: Legal Frameworks for Feminist Futures"

Contents include: articles on Redefining Motherhood: How Formerly Incarcerated Black Mothers Frame Mothering Choices; A Developmental Perspective on Girls’ Delinquency: Testing the Family Stress Model; Individuals With Mental Illnesses on Probation:…

Contents include: articles on Hegemonic Feminism Revisited, Transversal Dialogues on Intersectionality, Race Matters in Intersectional Feminism, and more.

Contents include: articles on intersectionality in media studies, celebrity culture, voices of farmer widows in India, and more.

Contents include: articles on thought as revolt, groundwork for transfeminist care ethics, trans rage and the cultivation of resistance, and more.
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