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  • Tags: Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity

Contents include: articles on Re-centering and recovering knowledge about climate-friendly agriculture: Learning from a woman African indigenous knowledge holder; Gender and climate change ‘through other eyes’: Grassroots women’s responses to…

Contents include: articles on Experiences of female higher education academics in Zimbabwe: A decolonial feminist perspective; Feminist decoloniality as care in higher education; “It seems the women are taking over": Stereotyping around women in…

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Contents include: articles on Black transnational feminisms and the question of structure; African feminisms for abolitionist futures: archival hauntings in a speculative geography; Maps and mazes: Pathways to the folkloric imagination; and more

Contents include: articles on Centering intersecting gender inequalities of COVID-19 on womxn

Contents include: articles on Gendered implications of new technologies and posthuman subjectivities: perspectives from the global South

Contents include: articles on Gender mainstreaming in the South African State, 25 years post Beijing, Stalled gender policy renewal and the effects of the policy gap on Malawi government’s gender agenda, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights:…

Contents include: articles on A girlfesto as a strategy for girl-led activism in rural communities, Reflections of a first-year student on gender-based violence at a university in South Africa, Schoolgirls leading their rural community in dialogue to…
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