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Contents include: articles on Gendered implications of new technologies and posthuman subjectivities: perspectives from the global South

Contents include: articles on "She Will Eat Your Shirt": Foreign Migrant Women as Brothel Keepers in Port Said and along the Suez Canal, 1880–1914, An Erotic Revolution? Pornography in the Russian Empire, 1905–1914, Bubis behind Bars: Seeing Queer…

Contents include: Special Section: Female clients of commercial sex.

Contents include: articles on The Impact of Provider Biphobia and Microaffirmations on Bisexual Individuals’ Treatment-Seeking Intentions, Diverse Bisexual Women’s Sexual Assault Experiences and Effects on Bisexual Identity, Binegative Myths in…

Contents include: articles on Pornhub searches during the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘Refugees welcome’, including in (gay) porn: violence under the mask of liberation, The relationship between consumption of pornography and sexual pleasure: results of a…

Contents include: articles on The syndicates: writing pornography before the sexual revolution, Brian Reynolds, public visibility, and gay stardom, Cumming to a screen near you: transmasculine and non-binary people in the camming industry, and more.

Contents include: articles on ‘Lesbian porn. Anything girl on girl’: young women’s understandings of their engagement with lesbian porn, New standards of respectability in contemporary pornography: Pornhub’s corporate communication, The whiteness of…

Contents include: articles on Access to justice and institutional regendering: The case of the National Prosecution Bureau of Chile, “Try Not to be Embarrassed”: A Sex Positive Analysis of Nonconsensual Pornography Case Law, The Sexual Politics of…

Contents include: articles on the politics of legal challenges to pornography, FCC indecency regulations of nudity, and more.
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