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Includes articles on: sexual subjectivity during the COVID-19 pandemic; the persistence and endurance of blood family; on the role of intimate citizenship for transforming sexual subjectivities; and more.

Contents include: articles on Multidimensional Gender Ideologies Across Europe: Evidence From 36 Countries; Gender Differences in Job Resources and Strains in Authority Positions; The Interior of the Movement for Black Lives: “A New Political…

Contents include: articles on Homophobic Bullying as Gender Policing:
Population-Based Evidence;The Gender Fix: Outsourcing Feminism and the
Gender Politics of Supply Chains;Complicating Patriarchy: Gender Beliefs of Muslim Facebook Users in the…

Contents include: articles on The gender and sexual politics of the COVID-19 pandemic; Spanish youth at the crossroads of gender and sexuality during the COVID-19 pandemic; When vulnerability got mainstream: Reading the pandemic through disability…

Contents include: Special Section: Female clients of commercial sex.

Contents include: Special Issue: African Same-Sex Sexualities and Gender Diversity.
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