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Contents include: articles and entries centered around the theme, 'Bi+ World Wide Web'.

Contents include: articles on Aerial, apparatus, assemblage: Pain, pleasure, kink, and the circus body without organs; Hanging, blowing, slamming and playing: Erotic control and overflow in a digital chemsex scene; Play, secrecy and consent:…

Contents include: articles on Fields, features, and filters: how dating applications construct sexual fields and romantic and erotic capital; Swedish poly utopia: Dreams, revolutions, and crushed hopes; Drawgasms: Playing with expectations and…

Contents include: articles on Rethinking Explicit Consent and Intimate Data: The Case of Menstruapps; Transgender EU Citizens and the Limited Form of Union Citizenship available to them; Networked Struggles: Placards at Pakistan’s Aurat March; and…

Affilia 37.3.pdf
Contents include: articles on Feminism, Social Work, Militarization, and War; Bodies of work: The labour of sex in the digital age; Barriers to Achieving Reproductive Justice for an Indigenous Gulf
Coast Tribe; and more.

FemTheory 23, 3.pdf
Special issue on Theorizing Fashion Media, featuring guest editors Lise Shapiro Sanders and Ilya Parkins.

Contents include: Special Issue: Feminist Human Computer Interaction: Working at the Intersection of Feminist Theory and Digital Innovation

Contents include: articles on A Political Pause: Multiple Temporalities of Activism in the Feminist Newspaper Distaff, Out of Place and Out of Time: Andrew Cunanan, Darren Criss, and Queer Filipinx Haunting, "Anyone Can Be Pussy Riot": Exploring the…
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