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Includes articles on: female creative managers as drivers for gender diversity in advertising creative departments; female chairs on the boards of European National Sports Federations; gender and the detrimental effect of abusive supervision on…

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Includes articles on: gendered politics at work and play; new possibilities for higher education in prison; how the art of perception can improve campus investigations and awareness; and more.

Contents include: articles on Performing masculinity and the micropolitics of youth cafés in Ireland: an ethnography; Masculinities, spatial dialectics, and discursive strategies: reproducing gender inequalities at home – the case of İzmir;…

Contents include: articles on Danger Unceasing for Women Journalists in Repressive Societies; Nearly Half of TV Scripted Series Show Gender-balanced Hiring; Gender Parity in Corporations is Profitable, BlackRock Study Says; and more.

Contents include: articles on Public Policy as Trans Harm: Troubling Administrative Governance through Transfeminist Sports Studies; Queer African Feminist Orientations for a Trans Sports Studies; Good Hair, Bad Math: Breaking Apart Gender on a…

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Contents include: articles on Mother blaming and anorexia: How ideological state apparatuses have informed my perception of my mother's role in the formation of my eating disorder; “Fake it ‘till you make it”: Authenticity and wellbeing in late…

Contents include: articles on Apuntes para pensar el campo editorial en clave feminista. El caso argentino contemporáneo, Disciplina y violencia contra las mujeres en la prensa del siglo XIX. Divergencia comparativa entre México y España, Linn da…

Contents include: articles on Chasing Papi: A Study in Virulence and Virtuality, Documenting the Dead: Call Her Ganda and the Trans Activist Afterlife of Jennifer Laude, Futuring Trans* in Pakistan: Timely Reflections, and more.

Contents include: articles on sexual harassment remains ugly for sports journalist, academic sexual misconduct and mandatory reporting, women broadcast journalists' emotional labor, and more.
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