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Contents include articles on: epistemic injustice in a parenting support programme for refugees in Norway; parental and work-related identities among primary caregiving and primary breadwinning mothers and fathers; investigating trauma-informed…

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Contents include: articles on Archiving, Exhibiting, and Curating the History of Feminisms in the Global 20th Century.

Contents include: articles on Bounded Nonnormativity of Heterosexuality: Gendered Sex Partying in Hong Kong; Policing Motherhood, Controlling Families: Race, Reproductive Governance, and Trans Women’s Parenting Rights; Sobre Feminismo Descolonial Y…

Contents include: articles on Linked Fate and Social Identity: Black and White Women’s Attitudes About Abortion and MeToo; Illusion of Inclusion: Examining Trickle-Down Effects of the Board Gender Quota Regulation in India; Gender Segregation in…

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Contents include: articles on The intersection of autism and gender in the negotiation of identity: A systematic review and metasynthesis; Digital mothering: Sharenting, family selfies and online affective-discursive practices ;Reproductive…

Contents include: articles on Care, (Un)Paid Work, Politics and Policy Dynamics, Gender and the Law, and Gendered Violence.

Contents include: articles on thirty years of scholarship in the women and criminal justice journal, women's risk and needs assessment in the Czech Republic, domestic violence legislation in Greece, and more.

Contents include: articles on regulation of girl offenders' bodies, incarcerated mothers of minor children, female police officer experience, and more.
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